Xeon vs Opteron


Whether hiring a managed server hosting or dedicated hosting, you will probably find yourself needing to chose which server to hire. Many dedicated server hosting companies allow you to customize the server, others allow you to chose from pre-built servers. Your first decision in any server should be which processor to use. Intel's mainstream server offering is the Xeon and AMD's is the Opteron.

They both come in a variety of packages:

Single processor configuration

Ideal for web hosting or other low cost dedicated servers

Dual processor configuration

Ideal for SQL server hosting, exchange server hosting or other application servers.

Multi-processor configuration

Ideal for Virtual Server hosting or other processor and resource intensive application server hosting.
Rackmount Server A typical rackmount server

wPrime is a multi-threaded benchmarking application ideal for testing dedicated server processor performance. Using statistics from user submitted results, the charts below display a constantly updating list of the ten fastest server processor types for your managed dedicated server hosting.

wPrime wPrime Multithreaded Benchmark

Multi-processor Configurations

Dual processor Configurations

Single processor Configurations